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What to expect during an eye exam

Tests are performed

Tests are performed to check color blindness, eye alignment, eye movement, and depth perception.

Vision test
An Optometrist will perform a wide range of tests to determine the health of your eyes and visual needs.

Pupil dilation
Pupil dilation, glaucoma testing, and visual field testing may also be performed.

Make the right decision on your vision

At Boscov’s Optical, we feel strongly about maintaining healthy eyes. Here are some common misconceptions about eye exams and reasons why it’s important to take care of your eyes:

My prescription hasn't changed in years, so...
Misconception #1 REALITY
Your prescription might not change, but a comprehensive eye exam can help with early detection of other health issues.

Eye exams are expensive.

Misconception #2 REALITY

At Boscov’s Optical, we accept thousands of vision insurance plans that typically cover an annual eye exam*. We also accept health spending accounts or your Boscov’s credit card as a method of payment, giving you many options to cover the cost of your eye exam.

Kids get eye test in school, so there is no need...

Misconception #3 REALITY

As children grow and change so do their eyes. Schools provide vision testing but this is not a comprehensive eye exam. At Boscov’s Optical, we use equipment that can detect issues that might affect the development of the eye.

It's not a priority for me.
Misconception #4 REALITY
If you have unused Vision Insurance benefits this year, you’ve already “paid” for your exam and invested in your health by opting into a plan—why let it go to waste?

I go to my primary doctor regularly.
Misconception #5 REALITY
Your eyesight changes slowly over time. You may not notice the changes in your vision but even slight changes can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and difficulty seeing close up like the computer or reading. These issues are detected during a comprehensive eye exam, not a wellness checkup with your primary doctor.

Eye exams are easy exams: You don’t need to study!

You know the answers because it is all about you and your health….it’s not really an “exam” after all.

In some states where required by law, eye exams are available from independent, state-licensed Doctors of Optometry. Online scheduling may not be available in these states.

*All vision care plans vary by provider. Call your provider for details or speak with an optician for more information.