Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

The Freedom of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses prescriptions have always given wearers freedom from glasses. And now, thanks to innovations in lens design and technological breakthroughs, more people than ever can wear contact lenses to correct their vision.

Your choices for contact lenses include disposable, extended wear and even colored, cosmetic lenses. Please keep in mind that contact lenses, even cosmetic ones, are prescription devices. You will need a current prescription from an eye doctor. At Boscov’s Optical, we’ve got you covered. Just call your nearest location for an appointment with one of our independent doctors of optometry, who can help you find the best lenses for you.


At Boscov’s Optical, we carry daily wear disposable lenses that can be worn once and simply thrown away. Because they don’t require daily cleaning or maintenance, they are the simplest of all contacts to wear. In addition to daily wear lenses, we also carry traditional one- to two-week disposable lenses.

Another convenient option, extended wear lenses let you see the world clearly every day, from the moment you open your eyes. You can safely wear extended wear lenses while you sleep, either overnight or for up to one month.

Designed specifically for those with astigmatism, toric contact lenses maintain a constant position in the eye to deliver the right prescription correction at each of the major axes.

A tremendous advance, bifocal contact lenses provide integrated vision correction for those who are both near-sighted and far-sighted. If you’re an adult who’s started having trouble focusing on things close-up, bifocals may be right for you.

There’s no magic bullet for any single issue. Some people who need vision correction for both near and distance viewing simply aren’t good candidates for bifocal lenses, even though they share the same vision issues. Monovision lenses can help. With monovision lenses, one eye receives a lens for distance correction and the other receives a lens for seeing close-up.

With cosmetic lenses, you can enhance or even change your eye color. At Boscov’s Optical, you’ll find a wide range of colored lenses to suit your style. And because looking good doesn’t have to come at the expense of seeing well, our cosmetic contacts are available with or without vision correction. But please note that all contact lenses, even purely cosmetic ones, still require a current prescription and special care.

To learn more about which type of contact lens is best for you, visit your nearest Boscov’s Optical.