How Eyeglasses Work

When choosing which eyewear is best for you, it’s important to first identify your visual needs, and then decide which type of lenses you’re looking for. Boscov’s Optical offers a range of eyecare products designed to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Our stores carry the latest brand names, the most popular contact lenses and an assortment of designer sunglasses.

To identify your visual needs, ask yourself: “What is this pair of glasses for?”

Is it for work – where you are concerned about:

  • Reading
  • Computer use
  • Indoor lighting
  • Activity level
  • Workplace environment

And, as a result, you may need:

  • Reduced glare and eye fatigue
  • Reading or multi-focal lenses
  • Comfort at all lighting levels
  • Cosmetic appearance (lens visibility/thickness)

Or, is it for general use – where you are concerned about:

  • Computer use
  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Activity Level
  • Lighting Levels
  • Indoor/outdoor use

And, as a result, you may need:

  • Reduced glare and eye fatigue
  • Reading lenses
  • Distance or multi-focal lenses
  • Improved visual clarity
  • Comfort at all lighting levels
  • Durability

From your list of visual needs, are you looking for:

  • Basic lenses for a relatively low prescription?
  • Multi-focal lenses, which correct near, intermediate and long-distance vision?
  • Thin, comfortable lenses for particularly strong prescriptions?
  • Lenses for multiple prescriptions with no visible lines?
  • Lenses that are scratchproof and shatter-resistant?
  • Lenses that lower eyestrain from computer use?
  • Lenses that reduce glare from the sun?
  • Lenses with 100% UV protection?
  • Lenses that improve nighttime vision for driving?
  • Self-tinting lenses for comfort at all lighting levels?
  • Polarized prescription sunglasses?

For more information, check out our Lenses section to discover which lens type, treatments and materials may work best for you.

If you still need help selecting your eyewear, our trained staff of opticians is happy to answer any questions!

Please be aware that your current prescription may limit which lens type, frame shape and size you can select and use.